Death Note 2: What can we expect? What will Happen?

Death Note 2 Details

Death Note 2 Updates: With the craze for anime series, which is a hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan, growing around the world, OTT streaming platforms have geared up to provide their audience with what they wish for. Understandably, the biggest streaming platform in the world right now, Netflix has been attempting to corner … Read more

Chronicle of the Oscars 2021: a ‘strange’ and boring gala but with two surprises

Chronicle of the Oscars 2021

Chronicle of the Oscars 2021: The 2021 Oscars gala was unheard of. It could not be otherwise. The question is whether the Hollywood Academy saved the situation or did something stupid. Two things at a time. Change of mechanics and visual style in the most unusual Oscars. The Oscars are no longer ‘so white’ or so macho … Read more

Will Justin Bieber be at the ‘Friends’ reunion?

Justin Bieber be at the 'Friends' reunion-2

During its ten seasons, Friends used to its fandom to insert increasingly spectacular cameos, from Brad Pitt to Julia Roberts to Jean-Claude Van Damme. It became, therefore, one of the elements inherent to the phenomenon (one that has not ceased to inspire nostalgia in its followers for many years that have passed), and it is logical that HBO Max will want to emulate it at … Read more

‘The Witcher’, ‘You’ and ‘Cobra Kai’ will return to save Netflix before the end of 2021

'The Witcher', 'You' and 'Cobra Kai'

The slowdown in Netflix’s growth could change with the launches that the platform has in hand. After the evident drought in the catalogs of the platforms during the first months of the year, the most important productions will return to Netflix in the fourth quarter of 2021. The platform has announced the return of some … Read more

Jeremy Renner shares a photo from the end of filming of ‘Hawkeye’

The new Marvel series will arrive after the premiere of ‘Loki’. Hawkeye ( Hawkeye ) will be the fourth series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe premiered on Disney +. Jeremy Renner regains his role as the superhero in this new solo adventure, which has now finished filming for its production. The actor shared an image … Read more