The innocent new trailer and release date for the Mario Casas series on Netflix

The innocent

Oriol Paulo (‘Contratiempo’) directs the eight episodes of this thriller that premieres on April 30 on Netflix. Contratiempo (2016) is one of the greatest successes of Spanish cinema in the international market, especially thanks to the real furor it aroused in the Chinese market. Netflix has not hesitated to reunite its director, Oriol Paulo, with … Read more

The first trailer for ‘Jupiter’s Legacy Netflix’s superheroes

Jupiter's Legacy

The series based on the comics by Mark Millar (‘Kick-Ass’, ‘Kingsman’) opens on May 7. It’s a fact: every platform or TV network needs its unpredictable header superheroes, capable of competing with Marvel or DC with their twists and turns to the capes and tights genre. Although Netflix had already signed up to this trend … Read more

‘Game of Thrones’ prequel signs Fabien Frankel in a key role ‘House of the Dragon’

House of the Dragon

The actor from ‘Last Christmas’ and ‘The Serpent’ will have an important place in the Targaryen court. The Game of Thrones prequel continues to strengthen its ranks. The latest to join House of the Dragon is young actor Fabien Frankel, who will play Ser Criston Cole, a member of Viserys I Targaryen’s royal guard. His … Read more

Veterans vs. Rookies: Who Poses Best in the Individual 4T ‘Elite’ Posters?


In two months, Las Encinas, the poshest institute with the highest crime rates on the small screen, will reopen its doors with the fourth season of Elite. However, changes are coming in the fiction signed by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona. This new installment comes to Netflix without some of the series’ most beloved protagonists, … Read more

The last cameo of ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier ​​is much more important than you think

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The team of Falcon and the Winter Soldier had promised: in episode 5 of the second series of the MCU to swell Disney + there would be a spectacular cameo. In this case, it would not be a crazy joke by Paul Bettany (who, following Scarlet Witch and Vision, announced an appearance that turned out … Read more

Stranger Things Season 4: A Big Change To Be Expected In The Sequel

Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things Season 4 Update: Given the delays accumulated because of the health crisis, the show will have to adapt to some changes in this new opus. As you have already noticed in the previous section, teens have grown up. It will thus be necessary to prepare to find them older in Stranger Things season … Read more

Sex Education Season 3: When Will It Release & What’s New in Upcoming Season?

Sex Education Season 3 Update: Will Maeve and Otis finally have a relationship in the next installment? This is the question that comes up regularly. It must be said that the last episode of the second part aroused the curiosity of fans. As a reminder, Isaac, the neighbor in a wheelchair, had intentionally deleted Otis’s … Read more

Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Sam and Bucky face John Walker

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier is getting closer and closer. Marvel Studios’ second bet for Disney + will be dismissed from viewers on April 23, but in its last two episodes, it still has many open plots to close. For now, a confrontation is looming between the protagonists, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) … Read more