Will Justin Bieber be at the ‘Friends’ reunion?

During its ten seasons, Friends used to its fandom to insert increasingly spectacular cameos, from Brad Pitt to Julia Roberts to Jean-Claude Van Damme. It became, therefore, one of the elements inherent to the phenomenon (one that has not ceased to inspire nostalgia in its followers for many years that have passed), and it is logical that HBO Max will want to emulate it at the expected cast meeting. The one that would shape a Friends special that should have premiered in parallel to the platform’s debut in the US, something that was impossible due to the coronavirus crisis.

Justin Bieber be at the ‘Friends’ reunion

Will Justin Bieber be at the 'Friends' reunion

We knew then of the intention of bringing Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer together to reflect on their experience and the series’ legacy at the Warner Bros. studios where it was filmed. The interpreters could not finally meet until a few days ago, so it seems that the special has already been shot, and according to The Sun it would have replicated the custom of including a spectacular cameo. In this case, that of the pop star Justin Bieber, who as we can read in the publication “had the honor of being involved and did not mind putting on that ridiculous costume.”

What ridiculous disguise is he referring to? Well, apparently Bieber would have dropped by the filming wearing the Sputnik costume that fans will associate with the episode The Halloween party corresponding to the eighth season. In it, Ross tried to disguise himself as the satellite but motivated Chandler and Joey to tease him as much as looking more like “a sack of potatoes” or “a little turd” “Everything was developed as a military operation so that the details were kept secret, but Justin embroidered it,” says The Sun source.

Of course, The Sun is a tabloid, and this information must be taken with some caution. Whether or not it is true that Bieber has been on the set , it seems certain that the Friends reunion is already recorded, so now it is only a matter of time before HBO Max establishes a release date. Hopefully by then either the service has reached Spain or the meeting may be available here on some other platform, perhaps on HBO itself that hosted Zack Snyder’s Justice League.