Walking Dead Reveals What Happened To Rick After Andrew Lincoln’s Exit

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Walking Dead Updates: we have What Happened To Rick After Andrew Lincoln’s Exit.
The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 13 of “What We become” provides new details about what happened to Rick Grimes after Andrew Lincoln left the series. Since its debut in October 2010, Lincoln became practically the principal star in the Walking Dead franchise. Yet Lincoln decided to have more time in England with his family after years of shooting in Georgia throughout the summer months. He left the show yet planned to go back to films of Walking Dead.

What Happened To Rick After Andrew Lincoln’s Exit in Walking Deads

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Whether AMC and Universal are doing with those films is unknown, but to propel the plot, Rick was taken by the CRM community in a helicopter in the Walking Dead Season 9, episode 5 to an uncertain fate. Since then, for six years, the Walking Dead has been in the lead. What Rick did at that time was a mystery but now fans of Walking Dead know a little about what actually happened over those years, thanks to Danai Gurira’s final episode as Michonne.

Rick After Andrew Lincoln's Exit in Walking Deads
Michonne discovered Rick’s old boots, which he has worn all through the show, in The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 13, “What We Become.” That is when they allowed him to take her through the show where he discovered the boots. Michonne discovers that Rick survived the bridge fire. There was an iPhone among the various items with Michonne and Judith drawings on it with the name Rick graved at the top.
It is important that the manufacturers should write Rick’s name at the top of their phone just to prevent some misunderstanding as to who the user is. Interestingly enough, RJ hasn’t been attracted to Michonne and Judith’s devices, since Rick never met RJ. Since Michonne was pregnant when he vanished, he never knew he and his wife had a daughter and not a son.

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Although certain details of Rick Grimes ‘ current whereabouts were not released, what has been disclosed was sufficient to conclude that Rick either worked with the CRM community or went to his family home, which he definitely did not forget. It also means that, although he may not know exactly where he was, he was still in the general vicinity. In the end, these teas are intended as a springboard for Michonne’s next plot, a springboard that takes her away from the mainline series, and set the Walking Dead film.

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