Vikings Season 6: The Most Intelligent Son of Ragnar Lothbrok

Vikings“(” Vikings ”in Spanish) came to an end in December 2020 as the complete account of the Viking sagas of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons, conquerors of the old world in the 9th century. After six seasons, fans of the historical series said goodbye to these characters and each of their stories that millions followed from beginning to end.

The fiction, created and written by Michael Hirst for the History Channel, is based on the legends about the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the most famous heroes of Norse culture, known for having plundered Northumbria, France, and Brittany. Although after his death, the historical drama following the story of his children and the conflicts in which they were involved.

Björn, Ivar, Sigurd, Ubbe and Hivtserk are the children of the VikingRagnar Lothbrok. Although each of them has skills and abilities that make them great leaders, which one was really the smartest? The “Screenrant” portal seems to have the answer.

Vikings: Bjorn, Ivar or Ubbe, Who is The Smartest Son of Ragnar


Vikings Season 6


Hvitserk was the only Lothbrok who did not achieve anything significant on the show because he preferred to continue rather than take the initiative. He just followed who he thought was the strongest man right now, first supporting Ubbe before switching to Ivar, then Bjorn, and then Ivar again. He ended up spending the rest of his life wrestling with his choices and eventually became an outcast when he accidentally killed Lagertha.


Sigurd was one of Ragnar Lothbrok’s smartest sons when it comes to emotional and social intelligence. However, fans couldn’t see if there was more to his intelligence, because Ivar murdered him, but he could have been a great ally for Bjorn Ironside.


Ivar wasn’t the best of leaders, but he wasn’t stupid. He knew that everyone would underestimate him due to their physical differences, so he did everything they didn’t expect him to do. Ivar was a very good fighter and a brilliant military strategist. He knew his weaknesses and turned them into strengths by turning people’s sympathy for his condition into support.

However, he was too cruel and struggled to control his emotions, which is why his leadership in Kattegat was so bad. He also led the Vikings to their ultimate defeat at Wessex because he underestimated Alfred. Every time the big picture was lost, limiting him to smaller achievements that he thought were big.


Ubbe Lothbrok found his golden land in the end, and his intelligence had a lot to do with it. Before arriving in the Golden Land, Bjorn had proven himself to be a reliable statesman with his brief rule in Kattegat, which saw him forge business alliances his brothers never thought of. During his time in Wessex, Ubbe also proved himself to be the best diplomat, securing the lands in East Anglia from Alfred and making friends with the worst enemies.

He emerged as the greatest peacemaker of the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok, knowing how to deal with people and focus on the big picture. He was also a great fighter, but he never had an unnecessary battle. He also understood that he did not have to kill people to prove himself as a strong man, which is why he tried to negotiate peace with Aethelwulf after the First Battle of York. Ubbe did more good things than any of his brothers.


Bjorn accomplished everything Ragnar hoped to accomplish and more, making him the first true king of all of Norway. He was a wise leader, having been taught by the best, from Athelstan to Lagertha. He understood that he had to be the older brother when his father died and managed to keep the family together by winning the support of Ubbe, the most intelligent of Aslaug’s children.

Bjorn is the only Lothbrok who sacrificed so much for the good of all. He made many mistakes in his relationships, but he always made the right decision even when faced with difficult decisions.