The Walking Dead Season 10: Why hasn’t Dwight Appeared in the Season?

Fans of Robert Kirkman’s comics know the importance of this character in the development of the ending, so they wonder when he will return from ‘Fear the Walking Dead’.
While Dwight (Austin Amelio) walks through the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead – still on air-, season 10 of The Walking Dead ended leaving many questions in the air. Among some of the most important issues was the absence of this character, fundamental for the development of the outcome in Robert Kirkman’s comics.

In the comics, Dwight ends up becoming Rick’s right-hand man and Alexandria’s warlord. However, the uprising of the Saviors and the accidental murder of Sherry at the hands of Rick cause him to begin to question what happens there. The discovery of the Commonwealth will increase his nervousness, prompting Rick to take this community by force. This will cause a conflict with the local governor, forcing Rick to pull the trigger on his own friend to preserve the peace.

The Walking Dead Season 10: Why hasn’t Dwight Appeared in the Season?

The Walking Dead Season 10 Why hasn't Dwight Appeared in the Season-1

Very different is what is happening in the series. The sudden departure of Andrew Lincoln from AMC fiction left in the air the presence of new groups of survivors and the possible salvation of a badly injured Rick in the explosion of the bridge. For his part, Dwight left The Walking Dead to go in search of Sherry, who had fled from Negan’s clutches. This made him appear in the fifth season of Fear The Walking Dead, a spin-off of TWD , where he was reunited with Morgan and, later, in the last episode aired with his beloved.

Angela Kang reassures fans

However, viewers of the zombies were surprised when Dwight did not appear in the 10×22 Here’s Negan ( Here is Negan) , given the importance of the character in the plot of the villain. But don’t worry, their reunion could take place in the eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead, judging by the words of showrunner Angela Kang . This confessed to EW that the original idea of ​​the series was to bring it back, but “the programming did not work” due to the current Covid pandemic. This fact caused both fictions to coincide in their launch and prevented Amelio from participating in both. “It wouldn’t have worked to bring it up”.

As for the character of Laura, belonging to the Saviors , we could find her with Negan in the last episode. A time when this and her father saved his life and tried to help him with chemotherapy for his wife. This character is also very important in the comics due to the romantic relationship he ends up maintaining with Dwight and his presence until the last volume of Kirkman’s work. The end is near, will we see Dwight and Laura together like in the comics?