‘The Last of Us’ Series As Tommy Gabriel Luna (‘Terminator: Dark Fate’) Joins

He will play Joel’s brother, a character with the features of Pedro Pascal.
The adaptation of The Last of Us into a series for HBO had been months in the making, but it was only when we met its cast that expectations were solidified. Craig Mazin, the creator of the acclaimed Chernobyl, was going to act as showrunner with Neil Druckmann (director of the two original video games) while Gustavo Santaolalla also repeated as a composer, and even so, it was when we found out who Joel and Ellie would be when we began to understand that something big was coming. The protagonists of The Last of Us will be played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, both seen inGame of Thrones. Of course, they are not the only characters in history, and there were signs to be made.

Now Variety confirms that the Mazin series has found an actor for someone very important in the cosmos of The Last of Us: Tommy, Joel’s younger brother and former soldier who retains his idealism despite the horrible situation in which the world has been thrown. Gabriel Luna will be in charge of playing Pascal’s brother in fiction; actor that we have seen in the series Wicked City or Agents of SHIELD (where he put the face of Ghost Rider) and who played the main villain of Terminator: Dark Fate. The Last of Us, after receiving the green light in November, would begin shooting this summer in Calgary, Canada.

As we recently learned, this region of Alberta will welcome the production with open arms, with a view to extending it for a whole year and predictably causing a postponement in the schedules of The Mandalorian, whose third season Pascal also has to shoot. The fidelity of The Last of Us to the starting work is being one of the most debated issues around the production, with Mazin and Druckmann having revealed so much that some dialogue from the Naughty Dog video game will arrive in full as the series, with the As you go through the episodes, you will find your own way.
The Last of Us tells how, after a virus has turned most of the population into deadly zombies, a smuggler who has lost faith in humanity crosses his path with a girl who turns out to be immune and holds the key to save the world. On PlayStation, it has already led to an equally applauded sequel, which remains to be seen if it will be related to the HBO series. The pilot of the same, after being commissioned to Johan Renck, will be directed by Kantemir Bangalow.