The last cameo of ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier ​​is much more important than you think

The team of Falcon and the Winter Soldier had promised: in episode 5 of the second series of the MCU to swell Disney + there would be a spectacular cameo. In this case, it would not be a crazy joke by Paul Bettany (who, following Scarlet Witch and Vision, announced an appearance that turned out to be that of his character’s “evil” double ), and it had been insisted that It would not be the late Chadwick Boseman’s, Black Panther. The episode titled The Truth is now available and we have discovered that the apparition they were referring to was none other than that of Countess Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.

Of course, the name will not tell much of the public, but it will have done so that the actress in charge of putting features on it is Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. Marvel has managed to keep the collaboration of one of the most famous comic actresses of today, who has won numerous Emmy Awards thanks to her participation in Veep, a secret. An appearance that may have already been anticipated in 2019, when the cast members of this series joked that Selina (Louis-Dreyfuss’s character) should at some point play a Marvel villain. Because indeed, it does not seem likely that this Countess has good intentions.
Although there is not much that Falcon and the Winter Soldier let us know about her. Valentina appears when John Walker ( Wyatt Russell ) loses the shield at the hands of the protagonists and the American government dismisses him as Captain America, after the bloody events in Budapest. The Countess introduces herself and offers her help, without specifying her intentions. That later, in the surprise post-credits scene of the chapter, Walker appears to make his own alternative shield, suggests that the escape could have decided to join Valentina in her unspecified plans.
Or it could be something more complicated. The truth is that Marvel’s original plan was that we would have met the Countess in different circumstances, starting with Black Widow and not Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The Cate Shortland film was originally going to be released in 2020 as a farewell for Scarlett Johansson and a welcome for Florence Pugh. in the role of Yelena Belova: apparently there was also an intention for Louis-Dreyfuss to debut in this film, and it makes sense if we take a look at the vignettes. Valentina, thus, appears to be a sophisticated Italian spy, but in reality, she is someone of Russian descent who works as a double agent, and who is closely related to HYDRA.

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In fact, the name by which she calls herself in the comics is Madame Hydra and she has a romantic past with Nick Fury, something that would explain her untimely appearance in Black Widow (where Natasha Romanoff leaves in search of her roots) but not so much the role to play in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. However, returning to the realm of comics, Madame Hydra has become used to organizing her operations from Madripoor, a city that recently appeared in the Disney + series and where the mysterious Agent of Power that both heroes and the Flagsless fear are supposedly based.

Is it possible that Valentina is the Agent of Power? If so, we can expect a comeback very soon, during the battle that closes the Disney + series. As for Black Widow, the film finally opens on July 9.