The Boys Season 3 Premiere is set to blow your mind

The Boys Season 3 Updates: Eric Kripke who is the showrunner on Amazon’s hit superhero series The Boys stated that the season 3 premiere is “special”.

Kripke is known as a person who has a long-running fan-favorite Supernatural added to his creation. He has his contributions noted in 2012’s Revolution and 2016’s Timeless as well as being a writer and producer of the 2018 Jack Black film The House with a Clock in Its Walls.

When Season 1 first came out on Amazon Prime video in 2019 In the month of July, the show quickly gained a fanbase that appreciated its dark humor, violence, and stellar performances of the cast. The show revolves around the adventures of a group of vigilantes who are lead by Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher, who tend to combat the nuisance and chaos caused by the superpowered heroes of Vought International who abuse their gifts and create a menace. Kripke’s take on the series has gathered its attention and made it a fan favorite. Amazon was so sure of the series that they had plans for season 2 before the release of their episode 1. [email protected] there was a revelation that a third season had been ordered, and a spinoff is also in the works.

The Boys Season 3 Details

The Boys Season 3 Release date

Production on season 3 is already well in process, Eric Kripke stated that he watched a cut of the new season’s first episode. Kripke reaction and his statement said that the fans are in for something really special and special.

Kripke’s statement about season 3 is good news as fans are going with positive views about the new season. In the two seasons, the show had parody to every superhero trope in the book hilariously but it is so unique that the fans are just amazed and surprised who seem to think there is no possible way that the show could be any more twisted or shocking. Kripke and the team still have plenty of plans and many of which will be made even more exciting the addition of Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles to the cast as Soldier Boy a new super.

Up until now there has been no official announcement regarding a release date for The Boys season 3. The latest fans can interpret that production is in good stage. Filming only officially began at the end of February, and that it took season 2 about 10 months to come out in September 2020.