“Stranger Things” Season 4: Strange video showed up from the set

“Stranger Things” Season 4: Will we be provided with information about “Stranger Things” Season 4 ? A long video shows impressions from the set! 😯

“Stranger Things”: Leading Actor Talks About Season 4!
Oops, someone dares to do something. The fans and colleagues of “Stranger Things” actor David Harbor thought so too. The series favorite, who has played police chief Jim Hopper since 2016 , surprised his fans with a strange and quite courageous set video. He himself gave the video the title ” What’s wrong with me” and you have to admit that the 45-year-old looks a bit confused in the video.

Stranger Things Season 4 Details

As if someone had pressed the live button for him and simply held the cell phone in front of his nose. 😅 A blood-smeared face, a striking short hairstyle and a dirty boiler suit – wait, we know that. In the season 4 trailer of “the actor wears exactly the same outfit. And indeed: David confirms the thoughts of the fans. ” Yes, I’m here on the set right now and we’re filming the fourth season. It will continue in three minutes. I think I shouldn’t do this to you at all ” And David goes on, ” Hey, who of you guys want season four spoilers? I can read you right from the script. It’s here. Oh man, I think I shouldn’t. Netflix is going to be pissed off ” , He joked around. Or is he spoiling information about ” Stranger Things “Season 4 ?

“Stranger Things” star David Harbor and Millie Bobby Brown in the live video

The ” Stranger Things ” filming has also been postponed and extended due to the corona pandemic. But not all of it is bad about it. One advantage of the Corona delay is, for example, that the quality of the new season can be even better, as you have more time to work on the fine-tuning of the script. But what information do we get from our favorite policeman Jim Hopper? David Harbor called his colleague and serial daughter Millie Bobby Brown aka Elfie in the live video. She couldn’t believe what David dares to do. “Go back to work and stop the live video. Otherwise, you will get in real trouble! “, she informed her colleague.

The daughter has to raise the father or what? 😁 The live video is now also saved as reels in his Insta profile. Cara Buono aka Karen Wheeler commented, “I posted a photo of my Stranger Things set chair and got into trouble and you do this. That’s brave! ” Hmm, will there really be any consequences for David? Since he has linked the Netflix Insta account himself a few times, it can be assumed that the whole action can be viewed with a wink. 😜