Shetland Season 6

Shetland Season 6: BBC is coming back with another confirmed season !

Shetland Season 6 Updates: Scottish popular crime thriller series Shetland made its first debut on March 10, 2013, which was broadcasted by its networking platform BBC. The show is based on the series of books written by Ann Cleaves who is also the inventor of Shetland. The popularity of the show is because of the varied languages the show is available on. The show is available outside Scotland as well and is available in English and Scot dialect. The shooting of the series has taken place in different beautiful magnanimous places which adds extravagance to the show. The editor of the show is Simon Starling and the show has been now converted to a franchise now which has five seasons in total.

Is Shetland Season 6 happening?

After the immediate release of season 5 of Shetland, it was shortly informed on December 2, 2019, by BBC itself that the series still have enough time to finally come to an end. It was announced officially that the show will still have two more seasons to come before it finally gets ended. It was stated that one of the seasons is scheduled to get released on 2020 while the other season is scheduled to get released by 2021.

However, since then there has been no update about the renewal status or the progress of the upcoming season of the show. The global pandemic which had a major hit and the world wide lockdown that had to be imposed can be another reason for the delay of the show. However, as stated we can expect season 6 of the show to get released by the end of 2020.

The trailer of Season 6

Shetland Season 6

Unfortunately, there has been no official trailer that has been out for season 6 of the show. Therefore, we can’t predict with confidence about what is going to happen in the upcoming season.

The mystery is yet to be resolved.

There are a number of varieties that can possibly take place in the upcoming season. The next season can possibly involve the introduction of new characters which might play a very significant role in the crimes that are taking place or may themselves be the criminals.

However, nothing can be stated with entire confidence because there hasn’t been any official announcement about the renewal status of the show. Season 6 of the show is going to be the continuation of the previous season. We can highly anticipate that the next season is going to highly amusing as the previous seasons.

Casting members

We can definitely expect Douglas Henshall to play the lead role as detective inspects Jimmy Perez.

Alison O’Donnell as Alison Maclntosh, the detective sergeant of Perez .

Steven Robertson as Sandy Wilson, Mark Bonnar as Duncan Hunter, Julie Graham as Rhona Kelly, Lewis Howden as Billy McCabe, Erin Armstrong as Cassie Perez and Anne Kidd as Cora McLean.

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