Robert Downey Jr. Is Coming For the Adoption of ‘The Sympathizer’ in HBO From A24

Robert Downey Jr. Is Coming For the Adoption of ‘The Sympathizer’ in HBO From A24

Robert Downey Jr., widely famous for his role as the Iron man, aka Tony Stark in the Marvel film series, is finally landing in a starring role in ‘The Sympathizer’ for HBO.

After officially ending his journey as the Iron man in Avenger: Endgame, Robert Downey Jr. is finally moving forward to his next big role in the TV venture. Deadline published that HBO has to adopt the A24 drama series The Sympathizer. The famous Park Chan-wook, director of Oldboy in 2003, and The handmaiden in 2016 are on the way to become the co-showrunner and the director along with Don Mckellar.  Niv Fichman is also on his way as an executive producer from Rhombus Media. This TV series is going to be the joint venture of HBO, A24, and Rhombus Media in association with Cinetic Media and Moho Film.

‘The sympathizer’ is a Pulitzer prize-winning bestselling novel by Viet Thanh Nguyen. It is a thriller novel known as a cross-culture satire. The story is about the silent battle of a half-French and half-Vietnamese communist spy at the end of the Vietnam War and his unfortunate fate in the United States. A global search for the lead role is ongoing. This is a novel of war fiction and has been compared to the great novels by Orwell and Kafka. Meanwhile, Robert Downey jr.  said, “Adapting Mr. Nguyen’s important and masterful work requires a visionary team.” He also explained the direction skill of Park and his expectation on the upcoming war adventure for his wife and Team Downey.  According to him,  A24 and HBO are like co-parents, and he believes that the series is going to be exceptional.

This upcoming project is the first role for Robert Downey Jr. since his last quintessential role as Iron Man presented him with the Oscar nomination. Apart from the plots of this chronicle, his comeback as an actor other than a superhero will definitely explore his new range. A source also reported that Downey would play multiple supporting roles in the franchise in The Sympathizer.

With the extraordinary story and production team, it is quite obvious that The Sympathizer is going to be the best performance of Robert Downey Jr.