Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles: Marriage Rumours

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles: Marriage Rumours

Olivia Wilde has recently reacted to the rumors of her marriage with Harry Styles. Is it true?

Finally, Twitter has pointed out Olivia’s tying knot with Harry Styles through a confidential wedding. After a thorough investigation, it was clear that the rumor was initiated from a meme. On 15th June 2021, an Instagram meme page named @girlyzar has posted a snap of Olivia and Harry from Life & Style magazine with an interesting headline, “Just Married.” The series of snaps continued to boat with the front-page headline like “She can’t wait to start a new family,” followed by sub-headings about the ring price and the rituals of weddings. When the post finally landed on Twitter, people started their gossips about this.

The whole story can be a prank by this couple as predicted by a group of people, and again a few people are referring to their actual marriage considering their recent tour in Italy. On their way home from Italy, Olivia was asked about the explanation of this ongoing rumor but, she ignored it by saying, “I don’t want to talk about this.” The entire scenario isn’t sufficient to talk about the recent tweets. This massive news literally confused everyone!

2021 has started with the rumors of a new romantic relationship between the English Singer Harry Styles and the American actress, filmmaker Olivia Wilde. Their relationship started while Harry Styles was recording his recent music video ‘Don’t worry Darling!’ in 2020, directed by Olivia Wilde. Recently in an interview, Olivia’s former lover, Jason Sudeikis, spoke about their breakup after 9 long years of relationship. Olivia and Jason also share two children. In November 2020, Olivia officially flattered Harry Styles in an exclusive interview with Vogue. According to her, Harry is a very modern person without the traces of toxic masculinity and an inspirational person for his own generation as well as the next generation.

Afterward, the rumors about their secret relationship started, and they were seen together a couple of times. Their recent vacation in Italy and secret wedding news really took over social media with many theories and memes. Still, the new relationship status is unveiled between them.