Netflix’s Who Killed Sara Returns with a Season 2

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Updates: Created by Jose Ignacio and Valenzuela ,Who killed Sara is a latin American mystery thriller television series.Who killed Sara is produced by Perro Azul,and the series premiered for netflix on 24 March 2021.

Plot of Who killed Sara

The Story of “Who killed Sara” revolves around the life of Alex Guzman.Alex was convicted for the murder of his sister and spent 18 years in prison.The Catch is that he did not commit this murder and was falsely accused for it.At the starting of season 1,Alex has the sole goal of bringing the man to justice who killed his sister.He believes that Rodolfo Lazcano is the person who killed his sister and framed him for false charges.But things take a different turn when he finds out that rodolfo is also innocent while building a relationship with rodolfo’s sister.

Release Date

The season 2 of Who killed Sara will be available for Streaming from May 19,2021.Fans with Netflix Subscription can watch the show anywhere as the global release date of the show is same.

Cast of Who killed Sara

Who Killed Sara Season 2

The Cast of Who Killed Sara will be including Ginés García Millán (César Lazcano), Claudia Ramírez (Mariana Lazcano), and Eugenio Siller (José María aka Chema) as well as Nones (Rodolfo) and Miranda (Elisa).

Netflix also announed some new stars that would be joining the show with it’s second season.They are Matías Novoa, Daniel Giménez Cacho, and Antonio de la Vega.However there character roles have not been revealed yet.

Trailer of Season 2

The trailer of season 2 of who killed sara gives major leaks about what the season will be focused on.

In the starting of the video we hear Alex saying”Doctor I need to know who sara really was”.This could potentially reveal more about sara’s backstory and what happened to her.However ,whether the mystery to what happened to sara will be revealed in season 2 remains a mystery.