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Mindhunter Season 3: David Fincher is in talks with Netflix

Mindhunter Season 3
Mindhunter Season 3 Updates: The decision not to renew the series after the second season was traumatic for fans. The second season of Mindhunter saw the light within the Netflix catalog in August 2019, consolidating its fan base and adding some new ones. Almost two years have passed since then and these followers did not have them all with them when waiting for the third season: in October 2020 David Fincher, director, and producer of the series assured that the production had left him exhausted. “It is a 90-hour workweek. Soak up your life. When I finished I was exhausted, ”he explained. The future of the series was in question and the streaming service, although it did not cancel it, respected Fincher’s wishes not to draw up plans for continuity.

Mindhunter Season 3:David Fincher is in talks with Netflix

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There were other reasons for the hiatus, in addition to the fatigue of the filmmaker. Mindhunter was an expensive series, and the views it got on Netflix didn’t make it especially profitable. Fincher even said that he would like to work on it again one day, although perhaps “in five years. Finally, and according to Small Screen it may not have to spend so much time: the director of Zodiac would have resumed the conversations with Netflix about the production of a third season.

What has changed in this time? Well, Fincher has signed a substantial contract with Netflix and premiered on the Mank platform, with a critical endorsement that has led him to be the title with the most nominations at the Oscars held this April 25 (although it is far from being the favorite. , versus the Nomadland phenomenon ). In addition to this, the second season of Love, Death & Robots (of which Fincher is also a producer) is already concluded and would premiere on May 14 on Netflix, leaving the filmmaker’s schedule free to continue the misadventures of Holden Ford, Bill. Tench and Wendy Carr.

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