Line of Duty Season 6: Do the fan-made theories have any backing?

Line of Duty Season 6 Updates: With the season 6 of Line of Duty soon coming to an end, fans remain anxious as the Murder Team and AC-12 have still not found the murderer of Gail Vella’s (played by Andi Osh). The season, which mainly revolved around the murder of journalist Gail Vella has just two episodes to go.

Even though evidence suggests that the killer could possibly be a member of the OCG, the police are currently interviewing Terry Boyle (played by Tommy Jessop) as being the one who pulled the trigger. As expected, there are a bunch of corrupt coppers working on the case and making it even more complicated. the AC-12 believe that the orders for her death came from higher up, most likely from a bent officer who wanted her to stop with her investigations about the police corruption at the Hill.

Line of Duty Season 6 Details

Line of Duty Season 6 Details

With only two episodes left and no end in sight to solving the murder, some fans have theorized that Vella might not be dead at all. These rumors have been kindled by season three and four’s cast Craig Parkinson who played a bent copper Dot Cottan on the show.

Responding to a tweet that suggested Andi Osho might appear in a flashback, Parkinson, who hosts the Obsessed with Line of Duty podcast on BBC Sounds said: “It’s all she has done. So far….” However, fans are hopeful that Osho, who is a well-known stand-up comedian, actress, and presenter, will have a bigger role than merely starring in flashbacks.

Replying to another tweet that said James Nesbitt will be making an appearance as Marcus Thurwell, he wrote a lengthy post saying: “Same could be said for #GailVella @andiosho. Why would she go on Graham Norton to promote LOD when she’s just in clips and screen grabs and cut-outs? Mmm? #ObsessedWithLineOfDuty”

Die-hard fans have taken to Reddit to share their thoughts and stories. One fan said: “I think Gail Vella is alive and well and is living in Jo Davidson’s flat.”

Hopefully, we will soon learn the truth of what actually happened to Gail Vella. Don’t forget to stream Line of Duty every Sunday at 9 pm on BBC One.