Kevin Feige Revealed His Tom Holland’s Contribution in Making More Spider-Man Movies

Kevin Feige Revealed His Tom Holland’s Contribution in Making More Spider-Man Movies

Where the fans are excited about Tom Holland’s upcoming marvel franchise Spider-Man: No Way Home, the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, finally revealed Tom’s contribution in making more Spider-Man movies.

A long-term disagreement between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures questioned Tom’s loyalty for few times. The notorious dispute between these two organizations almost spoiled the future of the Spider-Man franchise, but the head, Kevin, finally gave some credits to this superhero, Tom Holland. The infamous turmoil on the rights of the Spider-Man franchise between Disney, Marvel, and Sony led to disappointment in the fans. At one point, fans blamed everyone from these three organizations, their executives, and others.  Things got back to normal after a few months, but Kevin is still thrilled about that super tense situation.

The Marvel CEO also said the pre-advertised rough patch between two renowned studios involved many names who were directly involved. Tom Holland was among them. In fact, there was a situation where Marvel Studios couldn’t get involved with Sony Pictures, and he started to think about the bright sides of the previous two Spider-Man movies where he spent quality moments with Amy Pascal, Tom Holland, John Watts, and Tom Rothman. Though he wanted to continue the film series, the ongoing arguments didn’t let it happen.

Later, when Spider-Man: Far From Home was released, the disagreement on licensing of Spider-Man dissolved, and Marvel and Sony finally made peace. During the ordeal between Sony and Marvel, many fans took the side of Marvel Studios against Amy Pascal. Tom Holland was terribly hurt by the disagreement that could end his journey in the Marvel Cinematic universe. But, the arguments occurred because Disney wanted an equal deal with Sony, ignoring the proposal of 5% profits. Things became normal after Tom Holland’s ultimate dedication.

Kevin admitted Tom Holland’s contribution in an exclusive interview with Rotten Tomatoes, where he talked about Tom’s stubbornness on keeping business politics aside and welcoming the acting as an adventure. As the fans from the globe love spider-man and his story, business politics should be far away from this franchise. Everyone eventually came back together, and currently, Spider-Man: No Way Home is o its way to the theater. The first two films of Spider-Man are currently available on Disney+.