Jim Belushi Recollects His Survival in SNL After Throwing a Fire Extinguisher at an Executive

Jim Belushi Recollects His Survival in SNL After Throwing a Fire Extinguisher at an Executive

Jim Belushi, a famous comedian, appeared in ‘Saturday Night Live’ for a short interval between 1983 and 1985. In a recent interview with Vulture, he shared some extreme incidents he had done earlier to the executive.

Belushi’s brother, John Belushi, was one of the primary cast members of SNL. As the first cast member to get fired and then rehired, Jim Belushi surely made a remarkable impression in SNL. His intense experience was throwing a fire extinguisher at the executive producer, Dick Ebersol. To establish his misdeeds, he said that he was out of control, which was the best thing that happened to him. In fact, to compare the hardship of SNL, he pointed out his divorce that he survived barely. But, Ebersol rehired him and provided him the right place. Afterward, he made peace with the executive and begged for his pardon, keeping aside his ego. To compensate for everything, Belushi stopped drinking for the rest of the shooting.

Belushi was in SNL for seasons 9 and 10, and he maintained the path his brother, John Belushi, showed him earlier. Jim Belushi was the exclusive person in the whole history, who got fired and then rehired for SNL. Later, he admitted Dick Ebersol’s consideration for putting him in his deserving place properly. Belushi’s journey for SNL terminated in 1985, and there is an unknown connection with the original creator of SNL, Lorne Michaels, who was absent from 1980 to 2985 for the show. He started to renovate the entire SNL, and Belushi departs with a lot of remarkable names.

John Belushi quitted the show after four years. But, when Jim asked his brother the reason, he replied that everyone should move on for better opportunities, and he got something massive to take care of. After his career in SNL, Jim Belushi recently received a highlight on the Discovery Channel show ‘Growing Belushi’ that portrayed his legal cannabis farm in Oregon. He also appeared for the starring role in ‘Twin Peaks.’

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