Felix Silla, the cousin of ‘The Addams family’ dies at 84

He appeared wrapped in a memorable furry suit in the 1960s series.
This Friday, actor Felix Silla died of pancreatic cancer, according to his former co-star Gil Gerard revealed via Twitter. Silla was 84 years old and had been Gerard’s co-star in the series Buck Rogers: Adventures in the 25th Century between 1979 and 1981. “Felix has died a few hours ago and the only good thing I can say about his passing is that he has not suffered a lot. I will miss him terribly, especially for the good times we had on the panels, ” the actor wrote. In both Buck Rogers and the other series that made him famous, The Addams Family, Silla appeared with his face covered.

Of Italian origin, Silla came to the United States in 1955 and lived most of his life in Las Vegas. Before his stature earned him several roles in the audiovisual, the interpreter participated briefly in the Barnum & Bailey circus, until he was chosen to play Cousin That in The Adams family. For this recurring role Zilla needed to don a warm fur suit topped by a hat and sunglasses, and her performance in 1965 was accompanied by brief appearances in Planet of the Apes (1968), Galactica, Battle Star (1978), or as one of the creatures of chromosome 3 of David Cronenberg (1979).

Four years earlier, thanks to The Black Hawk (a late sequel to The Maltese Hawk ), Silla was able to play a character showing his face, a situation that otherwise would not be very common in his career. In the late 70s, he played the robot Twiki in the aforementioned Buck Rogers: Adventures in the 25th century, and in 1983 he was one of the Ewoks from Return of the Jedi. The interpreter would also appear in such well-known films as ET The extraterrestrial, Poltergeist (both from 1982), Howard the duck (1986), The crazy history of the galaxies (1987), or Batman returns(1992), becoming a regular presence at fan conventions.