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Falcon and the Winter Soldier Finale: Marvel’s future is a matter of Power

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Finale:  The final reveal of the Marvel series lays the foundation for the new MCU. Now yes, the final fireworks has arrived, 52 minutes (curiously, one of the shortest episodes) in which Falcon and the Winter Soldier have taken flight. In the first half, told almost in real-time, we witness a hectic race through Manhattan. We start off as if it were a police thriller, with the Flagsless storming the CRG meeting to prevent the vote on global resettlement. On the outskirts, agents, media, and onlookers crowd.

At the doors of the building, Bucky (Sebastian Stan) bumps into the fugitive Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp)  tearing off her hyper-realistic Tom Cruise mask in Mission Impossible 2.  Inside the facility, the Flagsless launch various spheres with gas to force the evacuation of the assembled senators. Luckily at that moment Sam (Anthony Mackie) arrives, smashing windows in his wake, with his new Captain America Wakandan costume. When one of the guards asks him who he is, he does not hesitate to answer: “I am Captain America.”

Karli Morgenthau (Erin Kellyman),  leader of the rebels, organizes the evacuation of the senators from outside and distracts Bucky with a phone call while his men, infiltrated with the police, transfer the members of the CGR to vans. And Sam? He has enough with his shield to super body fight against  Georges Batroc (Georges St-Pierre), the mercenary he defeated in the first episode.

Sharon, meanwhile, manages to kill one of the Flagless with mercury vapor (yes, he has much fewer scruples than we remembered) while Bucky steals a motorcycle to chase the vans. Sam manages to get rid of his opponent and throws himself out of the window, flying over what appears to be the East River in New York while trying to catch a Flagsless helicopter with Red Wing. 

Manhattan, the battlefield in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Manhattan, the battlefield in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The increasingly suicidal Karli is planning to kill the hostages, much to the dismay of her allies, who increasingly doubt how to fight for her cause. However, they take control of the police vans just as Bucky catches up with them. And how do you stop a rehabilitated Winter Soldier? Distracting him by setting fire to one of the vehicles with the senators, so that he has no choice but to rescue them. 

However, the leader of the Sin Banderas has plenty of opponents and at that moment John Walker (Wyatt Russell) arrives, with his new shield, to finish her off. Bucky manages to save the hostages from the burning van while Walker confronts the rebels. Barnes and the ex-‘Capi’ battle it out on dry land as Sam continues to chase the Unflagged helicopter through the skies of New York.

After a spectacular fall into the water, the hero takes flight again and teams up with Ayla, one of the hostage senators who is on the aircraft and who knows how to fly. Between the two, and with a certain shield in between, they manage to take control of the vehicle. 

A few kilometers away, the confrontation between Karli and Walker ends when she knocks out John. The rebel then starts one of the vans, accelerates, and jumps out of the vehicle just before it falls from a height. Luckily, a hesitant Walker first and a titanic Sam later (and no super-soldier serum) keep the van from hurtling down. The witnesses, excited by what they have just seen, cheer for their new ‘Capi’.

Power Agent in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Power Agent in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

After saving the hostages, Sam, Bucky, and Walker chase Karli and her companions through tunnels. However, it is Sharon Carter who finds the red-haired leader first, who tells her: “You have disappointed me. From what Sharon says, she took Karli to Madripur and then she betrayed her, but the former agent is willing to have her again.

“You only love me because you want your army back,” Karli snaps. “Without the super soldiers, how much power does the Power Agent have?  Thus, the young woman confirms that, as had been rumored, Sharon is the Power Agent, from whom she stole the super soldier’s serum.

In the heat of discussion, Batroc arrives, Sharon’s buddy who was spying on Karli. However, Carter kills his ally when he blackmails her, although she also takes a shot from the marvel mercenary. At that moment Sam arrives, who sees Karli pointing at a badly wounded Sharon. 

Outside, Bucky, Wilson, and the NYPD apprehend the remaining Unflagged by fooling them with their own app. Meanwhile, Wilson resists fighting Karli to her frustration, who strikes the winged avenger. Karli is about to shoot Sam when Sharon shoots her. The rebel dies in Sam’s arms, but not before asking for his forgiveness.

Terrorists or survivors?

Terrorists or survivors in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Sam, with the body of the young woman in his arms, returns to the street were ambulances, police, and rescued senators crowd. When the latter thanks him for what he has just done, the new Captain America, who is being recorded by the cameras, criticizes the settlements that the CRG is causing with its law and questions its exterminating impact.

“Every time I take this shield, I know that there are millions of people who are going to hate me for it,” he says, referring to the discrimination he suffers as a black man: “I feel the stares, judging me. And I can’t do anything to change it. But I’m here. No super serum, no blonde hair, or blue eyes. The only power I have is that I think we can do better. ” Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly), his sister Sarah (Adepero Oduye), and Joaquín Torres (Danny Ramirez) listen to him on television.

Sam asks the senators to do better, because if not there will be more Karlis who will mobilize the people against the strongest governments in the world. He urges them to use all the power they have in the right way, before meeting Bucky and Sharon far from the spotlight.

Not far from there, we see that the detained Flagsless are transported to the Raft, a marvel maximum security prison located on Ryker Island, in New York. Before leaving, a soldier who puts them in the trucks says: “One world, one town.” Karli’s allies are still out there, as Sam used to say. However, the vehicle transporting the rebels turns out to be a car bomb and explodes. A man observing the scene in his car has detonated it.

He who laughs last …

The second half of the episode starts. It is already daylight and the plot takes us to the Raft, where Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) hears the news about the car bomb. He looks at the camera with a smile and lies down on his bunk. The bomb has been his thing, who has already warned that he would end the super-soldiers at all costs.

We move into a room where the Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is waiting impatiently for Walker. When he comes out to meet him, he proudly displays his new suit, the same one he wore as Captain America but in black. “Things are going to get weird. And when they do, we are not going to need a Captain America. We are going to need a US Agent,” says Valentina, naming Walker her alter ego in the cartoons.

As for the protagonists, Bucky reunites with Yori (Ken Takemoto), his octogenarian ‘friend’, and finally confesses that he murdered his son when he was the Winter Soldier. Then he leaves Dr. Raynor (Amy Aquino), his psychologist, a gift: his list of amendments with all the names crossed out.

Sam decides to visit Isaiah, who is proud of him after the CRG has backtracked their plans over Wilson’s speech. “You are special,” he says. After the new ‘Capi’ assures him that he is going to fight for that nation that people like him have built, he takes him to the Captain America museum, where he shows him the statue they have dedicated to him: “Now they will never forget what you did. for this country. ” 

We said goodbye to the protagonists in Louisiana, at Sam’s house, celebrating and having fun with all the neighbors. Even Bucky smiles and relaxes, as this cute photo proves:

The enemy at home

But it doesn’t end here because this is Marvel and post-credit scenes are mandatory. In this case, there is a single scene and it shows us Sharon, the big reveal of this episode, in the Senate. The Intelligence Community apologizes to her and her family, and the senator offers her a full pardon, as well as a return to her old division, something she accepts. 

However, as soon as he leaves the room, he calls someone on the phone. “Advise our buyers. Super soldiers are off the menu, but we will have full access to government secrets, prototype weapons, whatever you want. There will be something for everyone,” we heard him say to his interlocutor. Sam and Bucky have inadvertently brought the enemy home.

Undoubtedly, Emily VanCamp’s ‘Agent 13’ still has a lot to contribute to the MCU, as do other characters that the series has presented to us in its six episodes, such as John Walker, already turned into US Agent; or his new mentor, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. We don’t trust that cell that contains Zemo either; We have already seen that he manages wonderfully to continue doing his thing from there and we can’t wait to see him lead the  Thunderbolts.

As for the protagonists, both seem to have found their place in a world from which they were absent for five years: Bucky, reconciling with his past through that finalized list of amendments; and Sam, redefining the meaning of the ‘Cap’ shield. Although it has been difficult for the series to start and its rhythm has been very irregular, Falcon and the Winter Soldier has allowed us to explore more the personality of two avengers with a lot of charisma, especially when they work together. And for sure this is just the beginning for this duo.