Dax Shepard’s Flirty Birthday Post For His Wife Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard’s Flirty Birthday Post For His Wife Kristen Bell

Dax Shepherd added some extra sprinkles on his wife’s 41st birthday by sharing a candid picture of her wife on Instagram with a flirty birthday caption.

The American actor, comedian, director, writer, and podcast host Dax Randall Shepard traveled up to Instagram to make his wife Kristen Bell’s birthday memorable by posting a cute and beautiful candid of her. In the photograph, The Good Place star Kristen Bell is dressed in a black shirt, a denim jumper, and black boots with an additional cowgirl hat, and she poses on a wooden table. Shepard wished ‘Happy Birthday’ followed by a flirty caption, where he wrote about Kristen’s beauty. He quoted, “Your beauty is only surpassed by your heart and buns.” He also wished her wife another 100 years of the saddle and mentioned her name @kristenanniebell. Shepard’s flirty birthday post for her wife brought enormous comments and likes on Instagram, and his followers also sent his wife love, wish, and greetings for her special day.

Shepard and Bell’s sweet relationship officially turned into a marriage union in 2013. In an exclusive interview with host Chelsea Handler, Bell talked about a therapy that kept their union healthy and according to her, marriage is a different recipe every time. She also shared the effects of the early pandemic situations that already made them annoyed with each other. But, the therapist, Harry, helped them overcome such misery by suggesting to brush up their “toolbox.” And miraculously, that worked for them, and they used to get the session separately to make sure that can talk about their experiences with each other.

They take therapy every two weeks where Bell complains about her husband, and Harry explains to her over Zoom why she is wrong. So, that’s how they are overcoming the hard situation between them. She also added that a third party to monitor a relationship is sometimes safe. In fact, her therapist always mentioned that when two people are developing defense mechanisms, there is always a basic need for a third party.

In January, Bell expresses her miserable marriage at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 to PEOPLE, and later, she also explained how they overcame such tough situations. Bell and Kristen are a happy couple with two daughters. From the recent birthday post, it’s obvious that their misunderstandings are now pretty much sorted out, and love is in the air!