David Harbour’s ‘One of the Biggest Gigs” Happened When He Was In London

David Harbour’s ‘One of the Biggest Gigs” Happened When He Was In London

David Harbour started his acting career as a Broadway star and always had supporting roles on the big screen, starting from Quantum of Solace to Black Mass. His debut as the protagonist in the Hellboy franchise was a super flop. But, David his career-defining performance was the character of Jim Hopper from the Netflix TV series, The Stranger Things that brought him fame and Emmy Award and The Golden Globe Award nominations. Recently, he portrayed the role of ‘The Red Guardian’ in the Marvel Studios franchise, Black Widow. In a recent discussion with the Insider over Zoom, David opened up his journey to Marvel Cinematic Universe, his suggestion on the classic song ‘American Pie’, and his future expectations.

The host Jason Guerrasio asked David about how he got the role in the first place and stated his assumption like David offered the role of Red Guardian. He instantly googled it and found out he would be close to the main character and he accepted that!

In reply, David corrected his imagination and said Marvel didn’t call him directly, instead of the director of Black Widow, Cate Shortland asked him for a lunch to discuss something. And there, she revealed his thoughts on David as ‘The Red Guardian’. She also explained the character would be the father figure of Natasha, with tattoos.

On the second question, Jason picked up a scene where Natasha and Yelena were helping David get out of the prison. That was the turning point of Red Guardian and asked if he did any modification on his character.

David replied that the script was perfect but a lot of evolution took place during the shoot. One of them is the ‘American pie’ classic song addition, which became one of the iconic songs of this franchise. Even a lot of family scenes were added too and also changed a few orientations among the scenes.

Most importantly, on Jason’s question about his future as ‘The Red Guardian’ in MCU, David expressed his ultimate thoughts over this. There are impossibilities of his future in Marvel Studios. But, considering his moment with Natasha where she was holding hands with her father and later, Red guardian will find out that Hawkeye was also on the cliff with his daughter. So, that can be a terminal from where he seeks vengeance.

He also shared his amazing experience as a co-star of Scarlett  Johanson and as a major part of MCU.