Coronavirus Updates: Harvey Weinstein Tests Positive In Prison, Kept In Isolation

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Harvey Weinstein Tests COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Positive In Prison, Kept In Isolation. The New York State Prison System issued a statement saying that the coronavirus is present to two of the inmates. At first, the prison did not disclose the inmates ‘ names to keep the detainee’s information private.
Michael Powers, Chairman and Correctional Officers of the Compassionate Police Union and New York, says Weinstein is one of the inmates. The forced sexual assault and rape by two women at third degree was accused by Harvey Weinstein. He will be sentenced to 23 years in jail.

Harvey Weinstein Tests Coronavirus Positive In Prison

Harvey Weinstein Tests Coronavirus Positive In Prison

He has been in isolation since his diagnosis of coronavirus. Weinstein is isolated at Wende Correctional Facility outside Buffalo, New York. Considering the likelihood of exposure to the virus, two managers and five officials are also segregated.
Weinstein’s Spokesperson On His Diagnosis
Juda Engelmayer, the spokesperson for Harvey Weinstein, issued a statement on successful corona tests by Weinstein. In the article, he states that the Weinstein team does not affirm or contradict any statements regarding the condition of the former film Mogul.
He appreciates prison officials as well, Juda Engelmayer said. He commends their treatment and support in relation to the case.
Juda Engelmayer believes that information about the wellbeing of Weinstein can not be released. The documents apply to the HIPAA. HIPAA is a law that safeguards the privacy of the patient. It also applies to all, including inmates, and to the Federal Law.
Harvey Weinstein Not The Only Prisoner With The Virus

Harvey Weinstein Tests Coronavirus Positive In Prison_)2

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Prisons all over America struggle with coronavirus control. Since prisons are confined, it is much easier and quicker to transmit a pandemic virus there. New York Jail Services has already reported that in New York nine prisoners and twelve employees screened the virus-positive.

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