Chronicle of the Oscars 2021: a ‘strange’ and boring gala but with two surprises

Chronicle of the Oscars 2021: The 2021 Oscars gala was unheard of. It could not be otherwise. The question is whether the Hollywood Academy saved the situation or did something stupid. Two things at a time. Change of mechanics and visual style in the most unusual Oscars.

The Oscars are no longer ‘so white’ or so macho

2020 has been the year of the pandemic , the one in which movie theaters have closed and platforms have taken power.

It has also been the year without great box office titles and in which indie cinema has been able to sneak in to scratch something at the awards. The ‘alternative’ cinema and the ‘minority’ groups in the industry, such as the African American population, the Asian population or women.

A different red carpet

Chronicle of the Oscars 2021 Red Carpet

Oscars are the crème de la crème of awards. The Academy of Hollywood could not, then, do we have been seeing them for a year: galas by zoom, poor and lacking in glamor. This is a television show, you had to think as producers.

For this reason, a different gala was held, starting with a red carpet where celebrities were ‘locked’ in a giant and very chic patio, being interviewed two meters away but showing their luxurious outfits.

In addition, to save us time at the gala, it was in that preamble where (recorded (the musical numbers of the songs nominated for the award) were broadcast. This had its strong point (the gala was more dynamic) and its weak point (there was a lack of show ).

The gala: Speeches without limits and little glamor

The gala, more similar to the Golden Globes than to all Oscars celebrations (for having the nominees at round tables (although here without alcohol), yes, very distant from each other.

There was, throughout the show, a certain air of stage ‘poverty’ although director Steven Soderbergh managed to create a show somewhat more cinematic than usual, with that initial sequence shot and even credit titles.

Puyes who removed the musical numbers and all the usual paraphernalia of these galas, had more time for things like speeches. This time there were no cuts. The winners were dispatched at ease with their thanks and social and political messages.

Traditions were completely broken, even changing the order in which the awards are usually given, starting, this time, with the script and revealing, almost at the start, the best director (for the second time they gave it to a director , Chloé Zao for ‘Nomadland’) .

A solemn tone was chosen for the entire gala, which resulted in a lack of sparkle. Why do you think humor is disrespectful when it is the opposite?

The surprises

As for the prizes, they were all widely distributed but there were surprises. In interpretation, the statuette Antohony Hopkins (The father) and Frances McDormand (Nomadland) were taken against all pornographic figures as main actors. 

The best film was predictable, ‘Nodmalnd’ although we were very happy to win the Oscar for best screenplay for ‘A promising young woman’.

Headline: The Oscars are not as white as previously thought.