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The return of Captain America’s MCU may reveal its Avengers: the endgame plot that the film decided to miss. The film never discussed Steve Rogers’ mission (Chris Evans) in attempts to restore the Infinity Stones, a lost chance full of promise.

]In Avengers: Endgame, Captain America was tasked with the return of the six Infinity Stones. On leaving, he reappeared as an old man on a park bench. His decision to continue with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) in the past signaled the culmination of the journey of his MCU.

Captain America’s: Return in MCU Update

But Marvel can unlock the door so that he can come back somehow. It is confirmed that the actor is working on a deal in two MCU projects with Marvel and Evans that will take over his role as Captain American. Evans plays down the story, although Marvel keeps the information quiet.

Captain America's

If Captain America is returning, the most significant thing about his return will clearly be whether his position in Phase 4 is established. Marvel may have intentions to show aspects of his past that have still not been discovered, rather than to erase (and ruin) the end of Captain America.

Perhaps Captain America’s most thrilling unseen occurrence is one that has unfolded offscreen. Avengers: Endgame did not reveal that Steve put back the Stones to make Cap look unexpectedly even more drastic and surprising as an old man. This was a little disappointing, but the scene that played out the way it did was appropriate, considering that his reappearance in the present had to be unexpected and shocking.

In a limited Disney+ miniseries or a special one (similar to what Marvel is doing with the Guardians of the Galaxy at Christmas in 2022), Marvel will concentrate specifically on Steve’s Infinity Stones story, showcasing crucial aspects like what Captain America did with Mjolnir.

If it had been seen in Endgame, it would probably have been wrapped up in five minutes or less, so a project based on this would have been able to build on it in a nice way. Also, making this its own MCU project will encourage Marvel to focus on the narrative potential of sending Steve on a solo, time-travel mission.

Doing this way could work so it would make sense if any of the Stones had to take some initiative and time back. For eg, Steve may have been kidnapped by the Asgardians or compelled to fight with them before returning to the Truth Stone. He may have had similar trouble bringing the other Stones together as well.

There is also the question of the Red Skull (Ross Marquand) and the Soul Stone. Because of the way Avengers: Endgame framed Cap’s arc, viewers were refused a chance to see what had to be an interesting reconciliation between Captain America and his old World War II rival.

The Red Skull may not be the ambitious HYDRA master he once was, but even so, it would have been fun to see what they meant to each other when Steve came to Vormir. Marvel would be able to clarify this and more properly if he were to dig into Steve’s secret Endgame story in Step 4.

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