BOTW 2 Is Confirming  and Enhancing The Love Story Between Link and Zelda:

One of the action-adventure games is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild, which is going to come with a new sequel. It is developed by Nintendo EPD and also published by Nintendo. The director of the game is Hidemaro Fujibayashi and the producer is Eiji Aonuma. The second series of the game is set to be released in the year of 2022 but no precise date is mentioned till now. 


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a fantastic game, which is enlisted as one of the best parts in the series. The end credits of Zelda and Link’s relationship is completely overlooked while the praise is undoubtedly well deserved. In the left open

Ended BOTW a romance might be beneficial between the champions of Hyrule. 

Relation Between Link and Zelda

The relation between Link and Zelda is not the new concept of The Legend of Zelda games. In this game the most remarkable portrait of the love interest between the pairs. That the romance does not much more and it is highly debatable that the intention of Nintendo is to be falling in love with Link to Zelda in BOTW. 


In BOTW there are some crucial memories in deciphering the sentiment among Link and Zelda. While the sword chooses a hero, Zelda gets doubt in her own ability to predict and release her sealing power, the hero gets irritated. But when Link saves her from the Yiga Clan, then the princess starts to appreciate him. Because of the Calamity unleashed upon Hyrule, the princess Zelda takes her life risks and jumps to save Link and that’s how she gets back her powers. 

Confirmation of Time Travel Theory

The developer, Nintendo decided to put sentiment between Link and Zelda without leaving any questions or disappointment and also the substantial resolutions. And one more thing if Nintendo wanted to hint at romance, then he has to make a clear and full impact of the story to turn it into a love story. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild 2 will come to that place for the feelings of Hylians’ and their relatability to the characters give the story an extraordinary flavor.